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Why should I have my eyes examined if I see 20/20?

20/20 is a measure of visual acuity that indicates if your vision is normal. This only measures 1% of the visual system. The central retina called the fovea has the photoreceptors responsible for seeing fine detail and a measure of 20/20 may indicate that this area is normal. However, this does not tell you if the quality of vision is normal or if there is any eye disease present. A retinal tear for example which can lead to a retinal detachment and blindness can be present in the peripheral retina and the patient may not be aware before it affects their vision. If detected early, this is treated with laser with minimal time off work. If it is detected when the retina detaches, complex surgery is required and you could be off work for months. Timely diagnosis and treatment is always preferable to delay.

Why should I wear sunglasses?

The sun's rays emit visible light to allow us to see but it also contains harmful ultraviolet rays which can be harmful to the eyes and skin with prolonged exposure. You would use sunscreen to protect your skin from burning or developing potential skin cancer. Your eyes should be treated in the same way. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to cancer to the eyelids or skin around or on the surface of the eyes. They also contribute to the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. It is important to wear sunglasses all year round. The sun's rays reflecting off snow is just as damaging as exposure during our hot summers.

If have a red eye should I see an optometrist or go directly to a walk-in clinic?

Although physicians can treat a red eye, they typically do not possess a slit lamp biomicroscope which provides critical information during the examination. The slit lamp allows a detailed magnified view to help the doctor determine the cause of the red eye. Red eyes can be caused by dry eye, a foreign body or inflammation or infection of any part of the eye. If the incorrect medication is prescribed, treatment is delayed and the red eye may get worse and cause unnecessary discomfort or damage to the eye.


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