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If you haven’t noticed, the days of the basic eye exam are long gone. But what’s important is that the traditional, routine eye exam has not lost its importance – and today, with advanced technology and computerized diagnostics, we could say that eye exams are more important than ever. Using today’s state-of-the-art equipment, specific eye diseases can be detected and diagnosed, sometimes before we know that a problem exists. For eye exams in Woodbridge, the Gagliardi Optometric Clinic is keeping pace with all of these developments, along with the basic premise that there is no substitute for an in-depth, comprehensive eye examination performed by a licensed professional.

Choosing an eye-care professional, or an eye-care facility, is a good first step in launching a new direction for your eye-care protocol, or making changes to an existing protocol that may not be satisfactory. Patients searching for eye exams in Woodbridge and in surrounding communities, will find the best option in a clinic that provides full service all under one roof. Naturally, the clinic must provide a multi-faceted approach to eye health, where patients of all shapes and sizes (and all age groups) can be accommodated. Needless to say, the highest standards of health care should be available, with skilled, trained professionals, and with the latest in medical tools and technology.

For the eye-care professionals at the Gagliardi Optometric Clinic, preventive maintenance is at the forefront of every health regimen. It means that your eye-care team will encourage regular checkups around the calendar year, and appropriate follow-up where required. Truth is, personal eye health should be part of overall health, without waiting for something to happen, and without taking eyesight for granted. Every eye exam should be comprehensive – beginning with a thorough pre-testing examination (allowing for a patient profile to take shape), then moving forward and documenting a complete overview of patient strengths and weaknesses. For those seeking eye exams in Woodbridge, the personal profile provides valuable medical information for one’s family doctor, and creates a more detailed picture for future reference.

Its 2014, and most everything has been digitized and computerized. We upload and order photos online, and we deposit cheques by snapping a photo with our cell phone. It makes sense, then, that our patient records be electronically documented, and we expect our doctors to use advanced technology when they examine our eyes. For eye exams in Woodbridge, clinics like the Gagliardi Optometric Clinic are on board with state-of-the-art technology that provides the full spectrum of preventive eye care – from testing, to diagnosis, to prognosis. This is an integrative approach with clinic professionals who are experienced with all of the technologies, and test for practically every aspect of eye health: overall condition of the eyes; health status of the cornea and retina; and symptoms of eye disorders like cataracts and glaucoma.

For serious situations, your eye exams in Woodbridge may provide advance notice of a condition where further action is required. Almost every eye condition is best treated at an early stage, and can make the difference between potentially losing eyesight and not. When it comes to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, these all demand early diagnosis, as well as early detection. All things considered, your electronic medical record, with diagnostic notes, digital images and use of advanced technology, assures you that eye health has been thoroughly assessed and evaluated, and ready for proper follow-through.


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