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If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Woodbridge, or looking to change practitioners for a whole new approach, then the Gagliardi Optometric Clinic is an ideal place to start. Our clinic is a full service facility, offering a complete and multi-faceted approach to eye health. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of health care in the region, with a highly trained team of professionals, and with the latest in medical technology.

Today, most of us already know the importance of good eye health – we’re more educated, we’re more media savvy, and we have the Internet at our service. At the same time, we seem to take it all for granted. There’s not much we can’t find online, and there is an abundance of information about symptoms, infections, and diseases accessible at the touch of a key. But there’s really nothing that comes close to the up-front and personal attention available in a clinic like ours.

For an eye doctor in Woodbridge, and in particular the Gagliardi Optometric Clinic, the concept of preventative maintenance is always at the forefront. The fact is, many of us don’t consider eye health as a component of our overall health, and we often overlook the eyes until something crops up – that’s not very preventative! Our approach is probably more comprehensive than most, but always starting with a proper, professional eye exam. However, we don’t offer the traditional eye exam, which is often basic and cursory. Our patients begin with an in-depth pre-testing procedure prior to seeing the Doctor, with the results being electronically documented. Then, Dr. Gagliardi performs a wide range of eye tests, which are also documented - the patient now has the initial data that comprises a personal electronic medical record. It’s a patient profile that provides valuable medical information for the Doctor, and a full report for the family Doctor, if required.

As an established eye doctor in Woodbridge, Dr. Gagliardi provides an optimal patient experience that includes testing, diagnosis, and prognosis for patients of all ages. Our approach is integrative, using state-of-the-art technology and a team of health professionals with experience and expertise that spans decades. We examine and test for virtually everything: general eyesight; corneal health and retinal health; and the possibility of eye diseases like cataracts. If you wear glasses or contacts, we assess your existing prescription for possible revisions. The testing procedure continues for more serious ailments like glaucoma; macular degeneration; and diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Gagliardi takes still photographic images, where required, and these are also stored in the patient record.

With testing complete, and an electronic medical record in place, patient and Doctor can review the findings, discuss the test results, and consider follow-up treatment, where necessary. Like any eye doctor in Woodbridge, we want to ensure that your eyes are in good health, and that your vision is preserved for the future. We do this with a seasoned team of health professionals who provide a level of patient care that is second to none. And they all believe that the preventive approach is best, with attention to day-to-day maintenance, and a commitment to regular eye examinations. Just as we schedule an annual physical exam, the same should apply for our eyes.


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